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Pakse – Ubon Airport  ....$
Pakse- Watphou.............$

Pakse – Big Bolaven / Small Bolaven ........$
Pakse – 4000 Islands.............$



1 day city tour 

Pakse city tour – Ban saphai – Pakse 

Pick up from Paksé hotel at about 08.30am. We then drive downtown to visit the Paksé Morning Market - one of the largest in Laos. We then go to the museum to experience the history of Champasak Province, then to Wat Luong and Wat Jomphet temples to witness local people respecting Buddha. We then drive 15km to the village of Ban Saphai and cross the Mekong river on a traditional boat to visit the island of Kho. We visit the craft centre in the village. Then we head back towards Paksé and visit the amazing Big Buddha with an wonderful panoramic view of the Mekong.

Price: ... USD 



    The landscape of the Bolaven Plateau, with its spectacular waterfalls, is breathtaking. With a cool climate and fertile soil it is ideal for cultivation and producing high grade coffee. Enjoy this sightseeing trip with wonderful views of coffee being dried, children making their way to school and livestock leisurely grazing along the roadside. It is a great way to spend the day.


We start at 8:00am from central Paksé and begin our gradual upward climb to the Bolaven Plateau. Our first stop will be at a blacksmithing village located just off the main road. We continue for about 30 minutes to Phasuam waterfall and visit the model village featuring different ethnic style homes. We then head to a tea plantation to sample their tea and learn about the production procedure, which will be explained. After this, we proceed to three of the following waterfalls (Tad Champi, Tad Fane or Tad Yuang) stopping to enjoy a picnic or restaurant lunch at either Tad Champi or Tad Yuang. After lunch there will be plenty of time to relax or go for a swim. Following lunch we will head up to Paksong and visit the local market where you will have the opportunity to have your questions answered. We complete our tour with a visit to a coffee farm where the confusing world of coffee will be explained to you simple terms. We will also sample the hand-roasted coffee. We will then return to Paksé around 6pm - depending on the interest of our guests.



    What to bring:  Hat, sunscreen swimsuit, sarong, jacket (November -January), raincoat (rainy season only).

 Price:... USD

Entrance fees: ... USD / person 


 Wat Phou Champasak 1 DAY





Pickup at Paksé hotel at 8:00am. We then head to Champasak with a stop at Phu Ngoi temple situated on top of a hill with a beautiful view of the Mekong River. Then we go on to World Heritage listed Wat Phou, arriving at around 10:00am. This is a leisurely day and you will have the time needed to explore the temple, museum and the town of Champasak. After exploring, you can decide to have a late lunch in Champasak or just return to Paksé.


What to bring:  Hat, sunscreen

What is included: Van and driver, drinking water

Price : ....USD 

Entrance fee : ... USD / person 




Wat Phou Champasak and Elephant Trekking

1 Day



From Paksé hotel at around 8.00am. First stop on the road to Champasak is at Phu Ngoi temple, situated on top of a hill with a wonderful view of the Mekong River. Then we head for Wat Phou, arriving at around 9:30am and you have about 2 hours to explore the temple. The guests can decide to eat lunch before we head to Keit Ngon - located at the edge of the Xepian and that is where you’ll meet our elephants. Our 1.5 hour elephant trek will take us to the archaeological site of Phou Asa which overlooks the Pha Pho wetlands. Upon returning to Keit Ngong we will go back to Paksé.
What to bring:  Hat, sunscreen

What is included : Drinking water, Van and driver


Price: ...USD


Plus: Entrance fees - Wat Phou: ...USD / person / Elephant trekking: ...USD / person 



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